with Fackbook
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ScrollBar Face
ScrollBar Track
Arrow Image
width 550
height 300
wheelstep 20
barcolor "#CDCDCD"
barhovercolor "#606060"
barsize 15
minscrollbarsize 30
railcolor "#F0F0F0"
railsize 15
arrowsize 0
varrowtopimg ""
varrowbottomimg ""
harrowleftimg ""
harrowrightimg ""
Fixed Header
Freeze Column
headerrowcount 1
freezesize 0
startVertical 0 Vertical bar start position
startHorizontal 0 Horizontal bar start position
onScrollVertical null ( Maintain Scroll Position )
onScrollHorizontal null ( Maintain Scroll Position )
verticalbar auto "auto" or "hidden"
horizontalbar auto "auto" or "hidden"
calculateallcellheight false Deleted on v0.9
freezeverticalalign middle Deleted on v0.9
enabled true Enable or Disable Scroll (Added on v0.9.2)
scrollAssociate null ( Scroll Associate ) (Added on v0.9.4)
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