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Fix column width calculation problem
Fixed an issue where the width of the field is set as a percentage and placed in a freezing field can not be aligned.
2013/03/19 19:39:55
Fix issue in v0.9.6.6 version
Fix issue in v0.9.6.6 version
2013/03/17 22:58:52
Change height calculate mode
Grid content height less than the scroll height will automatically change to content height
2013/03/13 23:52:19
Fix column width calculation problem
Fix column width calculation error caused by the fixed width column
2013/03/06 21:57:04
Adding Height additional parameters
Set verticalbar: "hidden" and height:-1, height will automatically be extended depending on the content
2013/03/05 01:57:27
Add scrollbar display parameters
verticalbar, and horizontalbar parameter can be specified as "auto" and "hidden", "hidden" when the specified force hidden
2013/03/04 09:48:23
Increase startVertical parameter setting
When set -1 startVertical, the vertical scroll bar is automatically positioned to the bottom
2013/03/01 19:15:06
Fix bug when re-apply gridviewscroll
Fix column width calculate bug when re-apply gridviewscroll
2013/03/01 10:09:46
Support field width percentage set
Add support for field width can be set by percentage
2013/02/26 17:08:38
Fix issue on v 0.9.5
Fix bug on version 0.9.5
2013/02/21 15:36:01
Fixed the "Tab" key to switch the form elements issue.
Fixed the "Tab" key to switch the form elements, resulting in incorrect scroll position and sequence of abnormal problems.
2013/02/21 10:39:26
Add feature "Scroll Associate"
2013/02/19 12:32:57
Add new demo "Cell Wrap"
looking at Cell Wrap
2013/02/18 10:35:46
Fix issue when column include TD element
Fix header column apply error when column include TD element.
2013/02/13 10:55:51
Added Enable or Disable scroll
2013/02/07 14:12:35
Fix core function issue
Fix when the contents of the field for the a blank appears Script error.
2013/02/05 09:39:12
Supported Row Merge in DataRow
2013/02/04 13:26:17
Fix freeze column calculation issue
Fix freeze column height is incorrect when height changed.
2013/01/31 11:40:35
Fix freeze column issue
Fix merge header will be possible to freeze the field is not displayed properly.
2013/01/30 15:18:20
Fix form element issue and Performance improvement for large dat
1. Fix form element working issue
2. Freeze Column calculation for large amounts of data to improve
2013/01/28 22:38:07
Fix freeze column scrolling issue
Fix freeze column can not scrolling on some scenario.
2013/01/28 03:40:49
Performance improvement for large data
Height calculation for large amounts of data to improve
2013/01/26 12:12:48
Supported jQuery 1.9.0
Fix with jQuery 1.9.0 compatibility
2013/01/25 15:04:55
Fix freeze column issue
Fix put textarea in freeze column, event firing error.
2013/01/19 17:40:47
Fix some issue when using JSON
2013/01/18 17:26:02
Add a config property "calculateallcellheight"
If the height is not the same in each rows, Must be "calculateallcellheight" is set to True. The default value is False (better performance)
2013/01/16 16:22:18
Performance improvement for large data
Width calculation for large amounts of data to improve
2013/01/10 11:16:07
Fix some issue in v0.5.1
Fix v0.5.1 cause error on IE8 and IE7 compatibility mode.
2013/01/09 14:51:29
Performance improvement
Improve the width and height to calculate the required time
2013/01/08 09:47:31
Performance improvement
If you are using other version, we strongly recommend you download this version.
2013/01/03 22:28:55
Add property to support maintain scrollbar position
2013/01/03 15:57:12
Fix IE7 issue
Fix scrollbar display issue in IE7
2012/12/28 13:08:17
Fix core function
Change dynamically generated element position, No longer need to UseAccessibleHeader set to False.
2012/12/26 23:22:51
Support scrolling by click arrow and scrollbar track
Finally you can click the arrow image scrolls track to scroll the content.
2012/12/25 09:48:12
Fix HTML element display issue
Set style(zIndex) to 0
2012/12/23 00:44:26
Fix height calculate and new demo "Row Hover"
Fix height calculate when pager is visible, Demo: Client-Side - Row Hover
2012/12/22 11:20:47
Add new demo "CheckBox Client-Side"
2012/12/19 01:41:31
Add two demos that you can put form element in GridView
looking at CheckBox and DropDownList
2012/12/19 00:52:03
Fix issue when GridView include input element
Fix issue when GridView include input or select element will cause postback not correct.
2012/12/14 11:33:34
Support more header row
No limitation on header row count setting.
2012/12/11 01:44:46
Add more setting and fix some error
Add mouse wheelstep setting, New demo Header Column Merge 2
2012/12/08 01:58:48
Fix height calculate and mouse wheel
Fix height calculate and mouse wheel miss on freeze area
2012/11/29 00:12:31
Add more setting and performance improvement
Add scrollbar rail and bar size setting, and chrome performance improvement
2012/11/26 15:32:43
Header column merge supported
Updated version to v0.2 Header column merge sample.
2012/11/28 01:58:20
Fix mouse wheel incorrect
Updated version to v0.1.2. Fix mouse wheel incorrect in version v0.1.1
2012/11/28 01:58:11
Appearence Improve
Increase effect when scrollbar scrolling and scrollbar arrow image setting.
2012/11/28 01:57:47
GridViewScroll website online
Announcement GridViewScroll website and publish initial version '0.1'.
2012/11/28 01:57:21
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