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Freeze column dose not work by pressing tab button
2013/02/19 15:30:28
Excellent helped me a lot by uploading it..

But in my gridview, i do have few textbox on each row. when i keep on pressing tab button to go on next line it dosent scroll properly.
It is only scrolling unfreezed columns, freezed columns remains as it is. its quiet difficult for users as mostly they use tab button.

Please help me. Your quick response will help me a lot.
2013/02/19 17:16:30
try with this¡¡
function EndRequestHandler(sender, args) {
$('#<%=gridview.ClientID %>').gridviewScroll({
width: 500,
height: 200

the problem may be the postback
Likol Lee
2013/02/19 19:25:19
Hi Amol,

You are right. Currently there is a problem.

I will start process this problem, but it may take some time.
2013/02/20 00:21:27
Hi Likol,

Thanks for your instant reply.
I wish this problem will be resolved at the earliest, I am waiting for your feedback. :)

Thanks Again.
2013/02/20 21:33:50
Hi Likol,

Sorry to disturb you, but any luck on this issue?

Thanks. :)
Likol Lee
2013/02/20 22:36:38
I had research completed, but i have other work need to complete.
Likol Lee
2013/02/21 10:41:10
Hi Amol,

I released a new version in homepage, Please download newer version and try.
2013/02/21 15:30:45
Hi Likol,

I tried your latest version. You worked on tab event of Textbox, but it is having some bug.
Whenever i try to press tab from any control on any row it is giving an error on below syntax.
if (r = n(, !i[0])

I had sent you the sample attachment to your ID
Please check.
Likol Lee
2013/02/21 15:36:53
Got it.

I publish new version, Please try.
2013/02/21 15:54:25
Hi Likol,

This version is working very fine, in fact great. On pressing tab button, control is shifting to new line with correct alignment.

Thanks a lot Likol.
2013/04/08 22:22:04
Hi Likol,

Hi Likol,

First off, great implementation of this functionality! I have been looking around at many implementations and so far yours is the smoothest and most complete.

I seem to be having an issue similar to the previous posts but slightly different. Here is what I have noticed:

I have a large grid with 30+ columns, the first 8 are frozen. There is a textbox within the frozen section, and then most of the scrollable area is filled with textboxes. If I set the cursor in the textbox that is in the frozen section and begin to press the tab key, it only cycles through elements within the frozen area. If I put it in a textbox within the scrollable area, the first tab goes to the next textbox but then it automatically jumps back to the first element in the frozen area.

The desire of the users is to tab through all the fields as though they were continuous (from the frozen section into the scrolling section). Is there any way to achieve this or is this just a limitation of this implementation?

Thanks again for the great work and support!
Likol Lee
2013/04/08 22:41:45

Please check your gridviewscroll version is newer!
Likol Lee
2013/04/08 22:59:19
Hi Matt,

I know the cause of the problem, This problem occurs when the freeze is greater than 1.

But I do not have enough time to fix this problem.
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