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Gridview Scroll
2013/03/18 17:15:10
Dear All,

The given code works fine if I use it on separate page. I am using spry tab panels with 3 tabs. If I add gridview in first tab for freezing columns and header then it works fine. But when i add this grid in 2nd or 3rd tab then it gives error in .js file(GridviewScroll.min.js) saying "Invalid Argument". I tried to fix it out but unable to fix. Please help me out.
Likol Lee
2013/03/18 18:14:49
You must make sure the gridview is visible, then call gridviewscroll apply to gridview.
2013/03/18 21:52:10
Dear Likol Lee,

Its visible. and get available to gridscroll method. I did rnd on using Ajax tab panel, simple tab panel with basic jquery instead of using spry tab panel js but not fixed. What is going wrong.?
Likol Lee
2013/03/18 22:34:11
I mean "visible" is display in screen.

It can not calculate width & height If gridview not display in screen.
2013/03/19 13:48:57
Yes . It is available on screen. still getting error. Shall i send browser source with working and non working browser source code?
Likol Lee
2013/03/19 14:50:46

2013/03/19 18:15:01
The issue is fixed.

I called sprytabpanels object creation itself in gridviewScroll method. and now its working fine.

Thanks a lot.....
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