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Grid Row Bottom Line Not Appear
2013/03/19 14:25:05
First of all, I would like to thank you for give this wonderful tool.
And Now I have a small problem in it.

At the time of displaying many records,the grid scroll comes so grid works perfectly.
If records are few (2 or 3 records), the grid bottom line is not appear. When I see in firebug It displays 1st TD have height of 16px which is created at runtime by using jquery. If I Hide Grid looks good. How Can I FIX this for permanent??

(Try, without scrollbars., grid row bottom line line come)

Please Help Me Quickly..!
Likol Lee
2013/03/19 14:49:22
Can you provide a sample code to me?
2013/03/19 21:47:49
Link Which Show Error Image:
At The Time Of Scrolling bottom border appears in Grid..
Likol Lee
2013/03/20 00:05:47
.GridviewScrollItem TD
padding: 5px;
white-space: nowrap;
border: 1px solid #AAAAAA;
background-color: #FFFFFF;
2013/03/20 21:51:44
I downloaded latest version, and applying those CSS. Both not works..
Can you give me a sample image or coding for display grid without scroll.
2013/03/20 21:52:09
my mail id
Likol Lee
2013/03/20 22:20:34
I have send a sample to you!
2013/03/21 12:45:11
Sorry Likol Lee..!

It's my mistake. Before In Gridview I didn't set the property GridLines="None" .
Thats why that problem appears..

Thank you so much..!

2013/03/21 12:45:58
Grid works perfectly..
2013/03/25 12:40:18
Another Doubt.. Row Color On mouse Over, On mouse out, onClick not worked. I have done that steps given in

Any samples in

my mail:

Thanks in advance..!
2013/03/25 12:41:19
sorry.. My office mail id:
Likol Lee
2013/03/25 14:28:41
I think you just need modify style.
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