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GridView in another table.
2013/04/13 06:04:17

thanks a lot for this great work.
I have a pretty complex gridView and i could not find, googling around, a suitable solution to get the header fixed.
Your jQuery script makes my day...
However, i would like to report a little bug : when I put your example "WebForm"'s table (the one you offer as an example in the downloadable archive) in another table ("<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" border="0"><tr><td align="center"></td></tr></table>") the vertical scroll bar blurs over the grid. The grid container seems to enlarge too much due to the 'align="center"' attribute of the "td"...
Unfortunately, I can't try to fix this myself, your jQuery script is pretty difficult to read.

Best regards.
2013/04/13 18:09:53

Note : we face the same bug when the table is just encapsulated in a "<center></center>" tag... Pretty annying behaviour...
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